Content Curation

Website Curation

  • Regular updates for content and functionality on your website
  • Social media integration
  • Content propagation to online media platforms

For when you want the piece of mind that your site will always be up to date. Have content delivered on time and reach as many users as possible.

Content Creation

  • Copy-writing
  • Professional Photography
  • Audio and video integration

Content creation and delivery guidelines and procedures.


This document is a guideline to content creation and technical specifications for web applications. When creating or updating a web application or website, it can be very beneficial to have set standards and specifications for elements such as images, videos and text. Having a strategy from the outset will increase turnaround time and save you money!


Web applications are picky when it comes to image file typesFile format .jpg, .gif, or .png are the only ones to use since files like .pdf, .psd and not web compatible. Image file sizes can vary greatly and having high resolution pictures on your website will slow loading times and most certainty annoy the users. File Sizes of 150kb to 500kb are fine for websites, unless you are providing large images for sale. Image aspect ratio (height and width) should be uniform for all your images. If you have a set of portrait orientated images (height > width), or landscape orientated images, ensure the aspect ratio is the same for each respective type. Having all those images the same height and width will help to keep things looking neat and professional on your web pages. Although this is not always the case, stock photographs can sometimes look generic and clichéd. Consider the theme of the photograph carefully when it come to stock photographs, things like a graph showing an upward arrow are undistinguished and can lose you potential clients. Consider hiring a professional photographer for your website image content. While prices of a professional photographer can vary greatly, showcasing your products or services with your own high-quality images will help you stand out in the crowd.


Video on your website can give you huge credibility, directly communicating to your users what it is you do. Things to consider here are video file size, as this directly effects loading times from the server. Generally, videos will play in a window on your web page, so having a 4k resolution video on your website isn’t necessary. Use for a 1080p 30fps, for the best results. As it is with photographs, video file types are also something to consider. AVI, .WMV, .mp4 and .mov are some of the file types that are compatible with web-based platforms. Think about using YouTube to host your videos, as it is free, it can broaden your client reach and conversion rate by bringing users on YouTube to your website. YouTube video hosting is very easy to integrate on to your web pages and can help in propagating your site on search engines.

Textual Content

A sure way to get users to read your content is by keeping it short and to the point. Unless you are writing an article or blog post, the information presented on your webpage should be succinct and concise. Investigations into user navigation on websites shows that, users skim for the essential information, and giving them that without the clutter makes for a good experience. Well Formatted, grammatically correct copy is extremely important for your website! This probably goes without saying, but two or three spelling or grammar errors will give the impression that the services or products aren’t up to scratch.

Company / Brand Logo

Your company logo will almost definitely dictate the style and design of your website. The file formats associated with your logo are very similar to photographs, with the added format of SVG’s. Jpeg, jpg and png are all valid and supported file formats for your logo. SVG’s are saleable, meaning that when the image is enlarged, say for viewing on a tv screen, it will not pixelate or loose definition. This is an ideal file type for a website, and will certainly be beneficial to you, because you are covering all bases when it comes to what devices your clients may be viewing your website with.


Business Brochure &
Static Websites

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  • Domain name setup
  • Hosting setup
  • Full website creation/development
  • Setup and deployment
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

eCommerce &
Comercial Websites

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  • Domain name setup
  • Hosting setup
  • Full website creation/development
  • Business email setup
  • Google Analytics
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  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SSL Security Certificate

Content Creation &

  • Copy writing
  • Professional photography
  • Audio and video integration
  • Social media integration
  • Branding